55th Reunion!

Class of '61 - 55th Reunion!

More info will follow as time gets nearer but for now...

May 27 and 28, 2016

Friday, May 27 6-9PM

Gathering with light dinner at  

End of Belmont Veterans Memorial Pier

15 - 39th Place
Long Beach, CA 90803

Fabulous View and Sunset! 

Saturday, May 28 11-4PM
LB Yacht Club
Luncheon Buffet


IF YOU HAVE MOVED or CHANGED YOUR EMAIL since the 50th reunion
PLEASE Send your contact update to



There are many, very nice hotels to choose from in the downtown area of Long Beach.
However, these are closer to the Yacht Club:

12850 Seal Beach Blvd
Seal Beach 90740
Mention Wilson HS Class of 61
$145/night (plus tax) including breakfast buffet   (Seal Beach)

5325 E. Pacific Coast Hwy
Long Beach 90804
Mention Wilson HS Reunion Class of 61
$119/night (plus tax) including breakfast

55th Reunion Attendance

Reservation Forms have been mailed.
Please return yours ASAP.
If you haven't received one please contact us.
We have received several positive calls with Class of '61 grads planning to attend.
However, these are PAID reservations to date:

  1. Gary Rothbart 
  2.    Guest Deborah
  3. Jane (Pinsky) Matt 
  4.     Guest  Ted
  5. John Westberg 
  6.    Guest   Roberta
  7. Brian Gooch
  8. Sandra (Rush) Elkins
  9. Carolyn (Bingham) Chase
  10. Craig Chase
  11. Susan (Morgan) Dressler 
  12.    Guest Budd
  13. Bill Abrams 
  14.    Guest   Teri
  15. Marilyn (Bingham) Boukather
  16. Janet (Welch) Steele
  17. Stanley Steele
  18. Carl Peterson
  19. Ronald Morse 
  20.    Guest  Rheta
  21. Dianne (Evans) Presser 
  22.    Guest   Leon
  23. Ronni (Krancus) Gates 
  24.   Guest   Rich Gates '61
  25. Michael (Mike) Spencer
  26. Mary (Montgomery) Stanton
  27. Steve Blackburn
  28. Judy Allen
  29. Hugh Winter 
  30.    Guest Nancy
  31. Richard King 
  32.     Guest Dennie Hamilton King '63
  33. Walter Desmond
  34. Ann (Roberson) Desmond
  35. Donald S. Newton 
  36.    Guest   Jennie
  37. Bob T. Gordon
  38. Linda (Koenig) Geyer 
  39.     Guest  Roger
  40. Karen (Brown) Brennan
  41. Barbara (Duski) Fernandez '63
  42. Melanie Robinson
  43. Ralph Peterson 
  44.    Guest  Terry Lee
  45. Jerome Dominguez 
  46.    Guest   Donna Combs Dominguez '63
  47. Ed Klotz 
  48.     Guest   Donna
  49. Tammy (Jameison) Eriksmoen
  50. Chuck Hunt
  51. Sam (Rusty) Hill
  52. Wally Laux 
  53.     Guest   Jessie
  54. Bill Hayter
  55. Tom Gardner 
  56.     Guest Silvia Valera Gardner '63
  57. James Pierce 
  58.     Guest Mary Jane Barden Pierce  '63
  59. Kathy (Reed) Grant
  60. Jeri (Hemphill) Livingstone ('63)
  61. Rosemarie (Holt) Jack 
  62. Douglas Jordan
  63. Frances (Feldhaus) Gillespie
  64. Donna (Preston) Freeman
  65. Trudy (Fine) Jackson 
  66.     Guest  Ray
  67. Jill (Bub) Harvey
  68. Beverly (Senseney)Dietrich
  69. Marie (Plusch) McGinnis
  70.    Guest Michael
  71. Steve Sunderman
  72. Betty (Catti) Cambre
  73. Don Brisco
  74. Lynda (Wilcox) Sanford
  75.    Guest Dianne Ayers Sandford '61
  76.  Linda (Cannon) Granados
  77.    Guest Nancy Alsip (class '62)
  78. Judith (Jones) Obarr
  79.    Guest Lynne Anakin 
  80.    Guest Holly Oliverio  
  81. Barbara (Hoffman) Young
  82. Marylee Thomsen
  83. Linda (Berkey) Hartleib
  84.    Guest John Hartleib 
  85. Karen (Berkey) Sutherland '63
  86.  Pam (Doyen) Henson
  87. Patric Jewell
  88.    Guest Sylvia 
  89. Jerry Natale
  90. Ronald Brisco
  91. Lucius (Louie) Avakian
  92. Kathleen (Groesbeck) Stoops
  93. Chere (Peek) Bozanich
  94.   Guest Dinko 
  95. Donald "Pat" Sanford
  96. Paul Stanley
  97.    Guest Lynne 
  98. Sharon (Corrigan) Burson
  99. Micheal Economou 
  100. Nancy (Keenan) Lewis
  101. Bobbie LaGrua
  102.    Guest Dayton 
  103. Donna (Pike) McGinnis
  104.    Guest Bill 
  105. Joe Dennin
  106.    Guest Sandy
  107. Alan Merchant
  108.    Guest Donna  
  109. Pat Brown
  110. Sue (Haynes) Sprattler
  111. Joan (Fowler) Lloyd
  112. Steve Brothers
  113.    Guest Karen
  114. Judy (Shawnee) Garner
  115. Sharon (Ballagh) Moore
  116.    Guest Daughter Linda Cate
  117.    Guest Daugther Diane Davis
  118. Linda (Wright/Russ) Cox 
  119. Tim Driscoll
  120. Bill James 
  121.    Guest Pat
  122. Katharine (Dennerlein) Kirchner
  123. Dick Rhorer 
  124. Pam (Ward) Jepson
  125.    Guest Paul
  126. Karen (Crozier) Bailey
  127. Bob Bailey
  128. Gaylord Suddeth
  129. Barbara (Snyder) Erickson
  130. Edward Perkal 
  131.    Guest Joyce
  132. Linda (Harper) Cooney
  133. John Caldwell 
  134.    Guest Carol
  135. Linda (Coffman) Tichy 
  136.    Guest Ted
  137. Dennis Lowe 
  138.    Guest Shelly
  139. John Dilks 
  140.    Guest Patty
  141. Gary Hill 
  142.    Guest Gloria
  143. Bill Pederson
  144. Suzie (Archer) Scott
  145. Karen T. Ailor
  146. Pam (Bailey) Doest
  147. Ron Zommick
  148. Michael Coleman
  149. Barney Graves
  150.    & Guest Sharon Graves
  151. Beverly (Brown) Carmichael
  152.    & Guest David Carmichael
  153. Linda (Markham) Jeppson



      Missing Grads

      We had a class of approximately 762 graduates! We have found approximately 519. If you know how to contact any of these people or just any type of lead on them, (relatives, friends, known married name, etc.) please have them register with us at
      or send an e-mail to
      and let us know of any info that you might have...
      Even if it's just a married name, brother's name, parent's name.

      Any info could help.

      1. Agan, Judy
      2. Anderson, Nancy
      3. Andress, Susan
      4. Bates, Judy
      5. Belanger, Noel
      6. Benson, Larry
      7. Booth, Joanne
      8. Buehler, Herb
      9. Campbell, Linda
      10. Chavez, Rebecca
      11. Clark, James
      12. Cooke, Carole
      13. Copenhaver, Sandy
      14. Daniels, Kathy
      15. Dean, Patricia
      16. Driver, Richard
      17. Dyal, Susan
      18. Ellis, Linda
      19. Ewers, Robert
      20. Face, Evelynne
      21. Feddersen, Thomas
      22. Feldman, Betty
      23. Fink, Patricia
      24. Forney, James
      25. Frederick, Kathleen
      26. Fulwider, Cliff
      27. Green, Sheila
      28. Gutierrez, Marylou
      29. Harrison, Barbara
      30. Henchoz, Martine
      31. Henderson, Greg
      32. Hill, Judy
      33. Hoffman, Carol
      34. Ingle, Sue
      35. Johnson, Mary
      36. Kellotat, Lois
      37. Lake, Judy
      38. Lane, Earl
      39. Lange, Sandy
      40. Lattimer, Yvonne
      41. Lawrence, Annette
      42. Lawson, Robert
      43. Lewis, Dorene
      44. Litwin, Kerry
      45. Massey, Jesse
      46. McAvay, Ellen
      47. McGill, Robert
      48. McKown, Vicki
      49. Middleton, Linda
      50. Miller, Nancy
      51. Miller, Barbara
      52. Moore, Gary
      53. Nagle, Janice
      54. Olsen, Karen
      55. Overman, MIke
      56. Overpeck, Linda
      57. Owen, Janet
      58. Parks, Susan
      59. Peterson, Jackie
      60. Peterson, Sandy
      61. Pigott, Judy
      62. Rodriguez, Carol
      63. Rogers, Dwayne
      64. Rossiter, Tom
      65. Rowland, Sharon
      66. Schrack, Judy
      67. Shepard, Jim
      68. Smith, Charlotte
      69. Smith, Gordon
      70. Stahl, Joan
      71. Stanley, Kathleen
      72. Sunshine, Andy
      73. Taylor, Max
      74. Taylor, Jim
      75. Thoreson, Ruth
      76. Trahant, Sharon
      77. Turner, JIm
      78. Walker, Betty
      79. Webb, Daniel
      80. Williams, Darrell
      81. Wilson, John
      82. Wooten, Millie
      83. Yinkey, Jane
      84. Ziemer, David

      In Memory Of

      So many things have happened
      Since they were called away,
      So many things to share with them
      had they been left to stay.
      And now on this reunion day,
      Memories do come our way.
      Though absent, they are ever near,
      still missed, remembered,
      always dear.
      - author unknown

      (The majority of this list was compiled during the 50th reunion in 2001.
      Any deceased since then have the year of their passing indicated - some may have passed away earlier but we have just recently been informed of their passing)

      1. John Adair
      2. Frances Alvillar
      3. Trudy Anderson
      4. Anthony Ansell (2011)
      5. Thomas Armor
      6. Judith Avakian
      7. Ronald Aver
      8. Michael Bader
      9. Bob Bailey (2018)
      10. Daryl Baker (2011)
      11. James Beimfohr
      12. Janice Bennett
      13. Patricia Beyer
      14. Carol Billings
      15. Donna Billings
      16. Charles “Chaz” Bird
      17. Jeff Bower
      18. Leo Breithaupt
      19. Diane Brinduse
      20. Michael Brooks (2013)
      21. Linda Broyles
      22. Mary Camillone
      23. John Carslake
      24. Bill Caselden
      25. John Clayton
      26. Marjorie Cleghorn
      27. Harold Coburn (1965)
      28. Bob Corkish
      29. Bonnie Cottler
      30. Bob Crosby (2012)
      31. Sharron Dach
      32. Marilyn Davis (2014)
      33. Mary Deats
      34. Elijah DePierre (2010)
      35. Phil Drost
      36. Stanley “Buster” DuBrock
      37. Toni Dunsmore (2014) 
      38. Linda Ehren
      39. Sydney Ellsworth (2016)
      40. Donald Evans
      41. Tom Finn
      42. Jeannine Fletcher (2015)
      43. Wayne Fox (2011)
      44. Sydney Garey
      45. Linda Geller (2016)
      46. Mary Gillespie (2011)
      47. Rex Gillespie
      48. James Goodman (2007)
      49. Phyllis Hankins
      50. Wayne Hansen (2016)
      51. Joan Hanson
      52. Linda Harper (2018)
      53. Bob Harris
      54. Cecilia Hernandez (2003)
      55. Nancy Hill (2012)
      56. Sharon Hill
      57. Carron Hinkle
      58. John Hite
      59. David Hollingsworth
      60. Curtis Hooper
      61. Nancy Hotchkin
      62. Judith Hufstader (new - date unknown)
      63. Sandy Hugel (2012)
      64. Richard Jacobs (2018)
      65. Richard Jones
      66. James Kaneen
      67. Ken Kelly
      68. Carolee Kennedy (2015)
      69. Phil Kett
      70. Blanche Kieren (2015)
      71. Janet Knowles
      72. Ronnie Kunau
      73. Theros "Bob" Lambrose (2013)
      74. Joyce Lang (2017)
      75. David Lanier (2011)
      76. Alan Lavallee
      77. Arthur Losch
      78. Bev Lundell (2012)
      79. Ron Lyders
      80. Terry Maher
      81. Tim Martin
      82. Barbara Matousek
      83. John Matson (2011)
      84. Jim Matthews
      85. Dennis Mays (2009)
      86. Glenn McClain
      87. Robert McDonald (2014)
      88. Gary McDougall
      89. Ronald McFarland
      90. Michael McIntyre
      91. Sandra McMains
      92. Larry "Casey" Medbery (2013)
      93. Phil Miller
      94. Thomas Miller
      95. Raymond Moore
      96. Dale Moses (2012)
      97. Dennis Mosley
      98. Paula Murphy (2011)
      99. Ken Nash (2014)
      100. Alan Niquette (2014)
      101. Edward Nissen (2011)
      102. Glen Noles
      103. Sharon Osborne
      104. Dennis Oswalt
      105. Gerald Painter
      106. Maxim Parker (Vietnam 1967)
      107. Judy Pearson
      108. Jane Pearson (1985)
      109. Donna Pennington
      110. Gerald Peters
      111. Denis Petty
      112. Betty Pierce
      113. Risé Poch (2012)
      114. Maxine Polley
      115. Odie Pollock
      116. Gary "Mike" Potter
      117. John Powell
      118. Carole Prival
      119. Danny Pryor
      120. Edwin Putney
      121. John Reeves
      122. Karen Rennick (2014)
      123. Michael Ritter
      124. Judy Roberts (2012)
      125. John Robison (2012)
      126. Darlene Rogers (2011)
      127. Sharron Roos (2015)
      128. Anthony Ross (1998)
      129. Andrea Rudd
      130. Ray Saatjian
      131. Carol Sager
      132. Joseph Saylor
      133. Saul Scanlan
      134. Richard Schnurr
      135. Lawrence Schweick (1989)
      136. Peter Shaffer
      137. James Shelton
      138. Robert Simpson
      139. William Smith
      140. Forest Staats  (2008)
      141. DeAnne Stevens
      142. Jim Stoops (2014)
      143. Charles Suits
      144. Curtis Summers
      145. Sheri Sutliff (2015)
      146. Patricia Talley
      147. Ralph Tharp
      148. Susan Thorne (1999)
      149. Janice Todd (2008)
      150. Sharon Toso
      151. John Townsend
      152. Andy Truskier
      153. David Tucker
      154. Ron Weber (2016)
      155. Robert Weidlein
      156. William West
      157. Gary Whomes
      158. Grant "Chuck" Williams
      159. Ron Williams
      160. Dan Wooldridge (2015)

      In Memory of Highlights AFTER 2011

      These are highlights of those fellow grads that have passed on since our 50th reunion in 2011...
      (or in some cases, they had died earlier but we have just learned of it recently.)  Many thanks to Jeri "Hemphill" Livingstone '63 for donating many, many hours contacting family and friends in order to put these highlights together.  Also, a thank you goes out to Patti Gehrke '68 for then formatting them into these pages.

      Please let Jeri Livingstone know of any other fellow grad that has passed on that is not represented here or on the original In Memory of Highlights.  Please email: 

      Those who purchased the Raines Video of the 50th Reunion may recall that it included conversations with quite a few who have since passed ... Bob Crosby, Jim Stoops, Marilyn Davis, Bev Lundell, Ron Weber and Ken Nash.  How nice to have those images and thoughts to add to the great memories of that milestone event.

      ANSELL, Anthony  Tony passed away in November of 2001.  He was 58 years old.  His family did not respond to requests for information.   
      Tony Ansell 1961

       BAKER, Daryl  Memories shared by his sister, Rosemarie Baker, Wilson ‘58     
           Daryl became a teacher, and worked many years in the Lake Elsinore School District teaching children with special needs.  His 1968 marriage to Michele Langley produced a son, Paul, and daughter, Darylyn.  The family lived in a lovely, custom-built home on 56 acres he had subdivided, on Wildwood Canyon Road.
         He eventually left the school district, and became a minister at Cherry Valley Brethren Church and School. He remained in that position until he was disabled by a stroke a few years before his death in 2011.  He was 66 years old.
           Daryl loved the outdoors, and tending his apple trees. His home was piped with natural spring water.  He raised peacocks, and was so bonded with them that they would eat out of his hand. Rosemarie stated “he had quite a way with nature.”

      Daryl Baker 1961

      BROOKS, Michael  – Thank you to his wife Dianne for sharing this story:
           Michael was born in Inglewood, but his family moved to Long Beach soon after.  After high school he enlisted in the Army – given a choice of Southeast Asia or Alaska, he wisely chose the latter and served in Anchorage. In the early 70’s, during his military service, he got his pilot’s license ...opening the door to a lifelong passion of flying.
           He majored in Electronics and Industrial Arts at Cal State Long Beach.  In 1974, he met Dianne at a party at the Unitarian Church, and they married in 1975, the same year he graduated.  They made their home in Long Beach until 1984, where they raised their daughter Adrienne (also a Bruin!) and son Tim.
           Mike’s first job after graduation was teaching math in South Central LA.  An interesting note about his first day on the job:  a student had brought a starter pistol to class, and fired it into the floor.  Mike confiscated it, and delivered it to the office.  By the end of the day, the kid’s mother was demanding that Mike be terminated “ for taking her son’s protection away.”  Mike stayed there one year before choosing a different career path.
           He was fortunate to get in on the ground floor of software development, and his expertise in that area kept him steadily employed at companies throughout the Long Beach area and Orange County.  They moved to Lake Forest in 1984, and became heavily involved in the community.  Both Mike and Dianne were “conservation nuts” and he was instrumental in the restoration of Serrano Creek.  He was a volunteer at Heritage Hill Historical Park, where Dianne was a docent.
            Mike’s passions and pastimes were many – first and foremost, he loved to fly, and they owned a Cessna Cardinal which they kept at John Wayne Airport.  Dianne, although she did not obtain a pilot’s license, did complete a “Pitch Hitter” course, which permitted her to takeoff and land; virtually to do everything other than ‘solo.’  He also loved to sail, owned a Catalina 30, and they belonged to the Shoreline Yacht Club in Long Beach.  He was a lifetime member of ARRL (American Radio Relay League), an organization of ham radio operators.  He was an AYSO soccer coach and referee, a Brown-Belt in Karate, an Indian Guides leader, and volunteered at all of his kids’ swim meets.  His interests were varied and he was brilliant in everything he attempted.
           Mike had some medical issues that led to retirement in 2005.  In 2008, he and Dianne made a decision to move to the Pacific Northwest,
      and settled in Silverdale, WA on Central Puget Sound, where they enjoyed a more relaxed pace and beautiful scenery.  He passed away in January of 2013, after fighting male breast cancer, as well as complications of dementia.
           Michael Brooks was survived by his wife, Dianne, his children, and twin grandsons (Tim’s sons, now 5 years old).  He would be so proud of Adrienne, who is a retired San Diego Police Officer, and his son Tim – who followed his footsteps into the computer industry.  Tim has been Director of Information Technology at both UC Irvine, and more recently, CHOC (Children’s Hospital of Orange County.)
           Dianne stated that she and Mike always liked the same things, and consequently did almost everything together.  In summary, she said that he was probably the most kind, ethical human being she ever met.  In almost 40 years of marriage, she never heard him say a negative thing about anyone.  He was loved dearly, and is missed very much.
      Mike Brooks 1961

      COBURN, Harold  – Public records show that this classmate died at the age of 22, October 21, 1965. He is buried at Forest Lawn, but no family has been located.  The cemetery had no record of next of kin.
      Harold Coburn 1961

      CROSBY, Bob  – The following information was taken from a published obituary.  The family is being contacted and will be invited to add their own thoughts to this tribute:
           Robert “Bob” Crosby, 69, of Fairfield, CA, unexpectedly passed on Thursday, November 8, 2012. Bob was born to David and Bessie (Bolander) Crosby on October 2, 1943 in Los Angeles, CA. After graduating from California State University, Long Beach, Bob enjoyed a fulfilling career in sales and managerial positions in the insurance industry.
            After retiring in 2007, he was able to spend more time enjoying his many interests, which included travel, golf, skiing, woodworking, photography and wine. Bob recently found enjoyment through his membership in Branch 106 of Sons In Retirement Assoc. He was most happy surrounded by his friends and family, who considered him to be a “Master of the Barbecue”.
            He is survived by his beloved wife of 33 years, Karen (Farrell); brother Donald and his wife Faith; his sons Martin and Christopher and daughters-in-law Michelle and Kathleen; and many loving grandchildren, nieces and nephews.
            We love you and will miss you.
      Bob Crosby 1961

      Bob Crosby 2012

      DAVIS, Marilyn   The following information was taken from a published obituary, 
      plus additional tributes from several friends:
            Baker, Marilyn Davis 70,  May 31, 1943 - April 27, 2014.
            Marilyn Baker died from cardiac arrest at UCLA Hospital on April 27, 2014 after undergoing open heart surgery on April 21st. Marilyn was the daughter of Clarence and Marjorie Davis. She was born and raised in Southern California and had a brother Richard Davis (deceased). She attended Woodrow Wilson High in Long Beach, Calif. graduating in 1961. Marilyn attended Oregon State University in Corvallis but she never learned to like the rain. While at Oregon State Marilyn's good looks and radiant personality drew the attention of the quarterback on the football team, Terry Baker, who went on to win the Heisman Trophy for the OSU Beavers. Marilyn left OSU to join Terry in Los Angeles where he had a job playing football for the Los Angeles Rams. Soon after moving to Los Angeles, Terry and Marilyn were married and had their son Brian and daughter Wendy. While in Los Angeles Marilyn appeared in several TV commercials, was a member of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG), and was represented by the William Morris Agency. Several years later the young family moved to Lake Oswego, Ore. Marilyn's focus during those years was raising her children, but Marilyn found time to become a licensed real estate agent in Oregon, a field in which she worked for a number of years, and to attend Portland State University earning her bachelor's degree in Psychology. Marilyn's first marriage ended in divorce, but soon after as the kids were off to college Marilyn remarried and moved from Lake Oswego to Portland. The second marriage also ended in divorce and Marilyn spent the last 17 years of her life single and independent.
           She purchased a beach house on the Oregon coast and designed and built a house in Venice, Calif., where she eventually moved on a permanent basis saying she wanted to be in the sun. A lifelong lover of sun, water and travel Marilyn had many interests and hobbies. She played tennis for many years with her friends at the Mountain Park Racquet Club and was a member of Waverley Country Club where she played golf in the summer. She loved travel having been to Africa, Europe and Asia on multiple occasions. She was fearless and adventurous and when she was not traveling with friends or family she had no qualms about taking off by herself to India, Belize or pretty much anywhere she wanted to see.
           She enjoyed art, fashion and design and loved being able to express her creativity. Her friends and family will most remember how she was fun to be around and how with her bubbly personality she was generally smiling, laughing and looking for the best in everyone. Always the life of the party she had many admirers. Marilyn loved her friends, family and her spaniels Star and Lucy with a special pride and love for her four grandchildren. She is survived by her daughter Wendy Jean Baker of Venice, Calif. and her son Brian C. Baker of Portland and four grandchildren (Sebastian, Clementine, Isabel, and Isaac), multiple cousins and many friends. She will be missed.
         Friends Kathy Reed Grant, Jane Astle Howell, and Tammy Jamieson Eriksmoen
       add the following:
           Marilyn Davis Baker was born May 31, 1943 and passed away April 27, 2014.  Jane Astle Howell has known her the longest and shared so much, including the fact that Jane's husband was born in the same hospital as Marilyn was, and in the same nursery.   Kathy Reed Grant met Marilyn at Naples Elementary School.  Tammy Jamieson Eriksmoen met her at Will Rogers Jr. High..  Marilyn graduated from Wilson High School.  She has been our friend ever since. Marilyn attended Oregon State University and graduated from Long Beach State University.  She had many friends and is remembered for her "happy go lucky" disposition, always laughing and smiling.  Always willing to help her friends.  She had a flare for art and was a wonderful decorator. Marilyn first loved her family and friends but loved to travel alone, or with friends.  Her favorite destinations were India and Africa, which she went to several times.  We all met in Asia together and was often caught in elevators, laughing so hard that we forgot to push the button.  Marilyn was very competitive, whether it was sports or cards or board games.  She was tenacious: Never giving up until she solved problems.  She was a loving, devoted mother of two, a grandmother of four. She survived cancer, and Legionaires disease and this year,  passed away after open heart surgery.

           Memories of Marilyn Davis Baker from Jane Astle Howell:
           I first met Marilyn Davis in 2nd grade at Naples Elementary School in
      Long Beach, Ca.  We became lifelong friends.  We lived not far from each
      other on the Naples Canal.  We grew up sharing the love of our pets...
      parakeets, cats, dogs and later we both had horses together.  When I was
      in 9th grade my family moved to Corona del Mar, Ca.  After high school
      Marilyn's family moved to Corona del Mar also.  Marilyn and I went away
      to Oregon State University together.  Although we had made a plan to
      "marry each other's brothers," that never happened!  We always stayed in
      close touch &  knew each other's children well,  from birth until
      adulthood.  I remain in touch with both Marilyn's Son and Daughter.
      Years later, after I married my husband John Howell, we discovered that
      he and Marilyn had been born a week apart in the same hospital and were
      in the same nursery together, small world! John and I came down from
      Oregon to help care for Marilyn during the final weeks of her life.
      We will love and miss her always.

      Marilyn Davis 1961

      Marilyn Davis 2011

      DePIERRE, Elijah  – died at the age of 68 in Orange County on 10/6/10.  He is buried at the Santa Ana Cemetery.  No obituary was available ; an attempt to reach next of kin thru the Cemetery has thus far not been successful.
      Elijah DePierre 1961

      DUNSMORE, Antoinette "Toni" –  The following information was taken from the bio she submitted for the 50th reunion, with additional comments by her daughter, Patrice: 
           Toni was born in Kentucky, educated in California, and spent most of her life in Washington.  After a brief early marriage ended, through a mutual friend  she met Gary Coffman, while he was in Marine bootcamp in San Diego.  They were married nine years, and had a son, Jeffrey, and daughter, Patrice.  They relocated  to the Pacific Northwest in 1976 and made it their permanent home.
           Toni’s working life encompassed 48 years as a paralegal/legal assistant in the field of litigation.  She taught Legal Dictation/Trancription and Legal Procedure at the college level, and taught ballroom dancing as well.  She was active in Navy Relief, social awareness and political associations.  Her favorite pastimes were numerous: Reading, crocheting, photography, and  playing with her 3  grandchildren and furry members of the family.  In her own words, her bio stated that  she loved seeing new things, grasping new ideas, and being with those she loved.  She did enjoy a five-year relationship with Jim Epperson.
           She stayed busy after retirement, but in 2014 she suffered a stroke and shortly thereafter was diagnosed with an aggressive lung cancer.  She passed away in Mountlake Terrace, WA on Christmas Eve, 2014.  Patrice described her mom as a beautiful, very talented lady who loved to shop!  She stated that Toni was thrilled to attend the 50th reunion, and would most surely have done everything within her power to return to Long Beach for the 55th.
      Toni Dunsmore 1961

      Toni Dunsmore 2010

      ELLSWORTH, Sydney – The following was partially taken from Sydney’s own words in her Alumni Book bio from 2011, with additional input from her daughter, Tina Evans:
           Sydney fondly recalled her high school years when she and her friends would enjoy long walks from their homes in Park Estates to the Pike (Quite a hike!)  She attended all Long Beach Schools with the exception of spending her senior year in Utah.  She then returned to California, studied at Long Beach City College, and married David Cohea.  That marriage brought four children, and eventually, 9 grandchildren.
           By the time of the 50th reunion, she was retired from her career in data entry / accounting.  Although she listed among her favorite pastimes “sewing, crafting and ceramic painting and visiting family in Texas and California”,  Tina emphasized that by far her #1 love was her family.  Her children and grandchildren were the focal points of her life, all her life.  Sydney’s bio stated that during retirement, she moved with her mother and son to the Dallas area, to join family already there.  Sadly, her son Mark, age 46, died in 2008, and her mom passed away in 2009.  The loss of her son was devastating, and cast a shadow over the rest of her life.  She was, however, happily anticipating the birth of her first great grandchild (due in June in California.)
           Right around the first of April, Sydney unexpectedly suffered a ruptured colon.  She survived emergency surgery and was expected to recover, but developed heart problems -- and at one time actually flat-lined in ICU.  She was quickly revived, and for almost a week moved in and out of consciousness while her family gathered around her.  She managed to stay until her younger brother Curtis (Wilson ‘63) could arrive from Tennessee.
           Sydney Ellsworth Cohea passed away on Friday, April 8th, 2016 surrounded by her entire family – each and every one hugging her goodbye.  They encouraged her to go “be with Mark” and are comforted by that reality. 

      Sydney Ellsworth 1960

      Sydney Ellsworth 2011

      FLETCHER, Jeannine – Jeannine Fletcher Riseley passed away earlier this year.  Her family has declined to participate in this project.
      Jeannine Fletcher 1961

      FOX, WaynePam Fox, his former wife, was very happy to have him remembered by his classmates during the reunion: 
          Wayne was born in Long Beach and like so many, grew up loving the ocean. After graduation from high school, he went into the Army, where he was recognized for his excellent marksmanship, and for awhile worked at the Pentagon.
           After his military service ended, he went to work for the Long Beach Police Department, and then on to Los Angeles. While in LB, his marksmanship came into play when he was forced to kill a wild animal. A writeup in the local paper was playfully titled “Fox Kills Cougar.” He went on to the LAPD where he was a motor cop. A motorcycle accident left him with a disability that forced his retirement from law enforcement, although he was able to remain employed in other jobs, including security guard positions.He moved to the Grass Valley area and spent a long time in that town, and its sister town, Nevada City. His first two marriages brought him three step children – Ashley, Carolyn and Scott, and two biological children – Casey and Holly.  In 1999, he met Pam at a small store in Grass Valley.  She was taken by his charm, his drop-dead good looks, and his “old school” manners and way of courting.  They married in 1999 and  moved from Grass Valley to Brookings, OR for a couple of years, returning to Coarsegold CA.  Although they divorced in 2006, they stayed friends for the rest of his life.  He bought a home in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, where he died in July of 2011.  Pam wanted to say that Wayne loved adventure, and had many talents. He was an astounding woodworker; that was a passion. He was a very good mechanic; he could take a car apart and put it back together.  He could build a house with his bare hands, and did in fact totally refurbish one of their homes that was gutted.
           She added that the happiest she knew him to be was during the time spent in Oregon, as he found great peace walking for miles on the beach and reconnecting with the ocean he loved so much in his youth. Last: he very much loved his huge Australian Shepherd/Newfoundland mix. “ Aussie “ stayed with Pam when the marriage ended, and just this past year had to be put to sleep.  Pam knows that Wayne is now taking good care of his dog.

       Wayne Fox 1961

      Wayne Fox

      GELLER, Linda – Died December 4, 2016
      Thank you to Linda's daughter, Joy Walsh:
           Linda Geller-Hunnell was born on September 14,1943 in Phoenix AZ. Relocated to Long Beach as child. Linda married her high school sweetheart James Allan IV after graduation in 1961. They have 4 children: James Allan V (AZ), Jeannette Evans (AZ), Julie Mejico (CA), and Joy Walsh (CA)...  And 4 grandchildren: Amanda, Robert, Michael, and Taylor Raye.

           After her marriage ended in 1969 Linda met a wonderful man Don Hunnell, they remained in the Lakewood / Long Beach area until shortly after Don retired in 2004, where they settled in a small mountain top community of Cottonwood, AZ. Don and Linda were happily married for 47 years. Linda quietly passed in her sleep of natural causes on December 4, 2016.

      Linda Geller-Hunnell with Don Hunnell

      GILLESPIE, Mary – Died 2011.  Family contacted but declined to participate in the IMH.
      Mary Gillespie 1961

      GOODMAN, James – Jim graduated with drafting skills, which he took to McDonnell Douglas.  By ’65, he had enlisted in the Air Force.  When his service ended, he came out with GI Bill privileges, and invested in property in New Mexico.
           Up until 1985, he traveled the world while doing government work overseas. He returned from the South Pacific and longtime overseas work in 1986 after contracting advanced thyroid impairment; dysfunction that required hospitalization and outpatient treatment. Years of work in that region exposed him to collateral radiation from prolonged atomic tests; this was given as a cause of this diagnosis. He lived in Long Beach through the late 90’s, before moving to Honolulu – where he lived up until his death in 2007.
           Jim loved crossword puzzles, and religiously completed three every day from the LA Times and Press Telegram.  He was attracted to power (dynamics) he aligned, and lived out that “behind the scenes’ experience through Tom Clancy Novels.  His brother recalled that he was well-read in a worldly sense, and had a passion for old-world history and ancient civilizations.   His love of reading and learning seemed a needed compensation for not having pursued a formal college education.
           Jim is survived by younger brother John, and an older sister, Jane.
      Jim Goodman 1961

      HANSEN, Wayneobituary published in Redding Record Searchlight, sent by brother Courtney Hansen, class of ‘63:
           Wayne "Sierra" Hansen died at the age of 73 on January 20 in Redding, CA.  He was probably born in the wrong century as he lived his life more like Wild Bill Hickok than those of the 21st century. Sierra's primary career was as a fishing guide in Alaska, the California coast and the Sacramento River for most of his adult life. In down times, he thrived as bartender and waiter in a few of Redding's finest restaurants.
           Wayne's non-conventional approach to life, his loyalty and humor toward his friends and family, and his just being a "good guy" will not be forgotten. He didn't fight cancer for 16 years; he DEFIED it. A good man to all who knew him. He is survived by his brother Courtney, sister Loretta (Tootie) Searle, her husband Robby and their families. 

      Brother Courtney shared the following letter printed in the Spring Fishing Preview issue of Western Outdoors March 11:
           Wayne ‘Sierra’ Hansen, my best friend and guide buddy, passed away on January 20 of this year.  He had beaten cancer for 16 years.  He was 71.  I met Wayne in the early ‘80s.  He lived in Redding and guided the Sacramento and Trinity rivers.  I fished the Klamath, Eel and Smith.  We shared info and fished all five.  Great times!  He spent 20 seasons guiding fly fisherman at Kulik Lodge in Katmai, the first fly-out lodge in Alaska.  As head guide, he hosted pro sports players, Hollywood celebrities, senators, congressmen, and even a President. Wayne will be greatly missed by all who knew him. - Jack Ellis, Rohnert Park
           Which president? (we had to ask) and it was George W. Bush.  Courtney added that among Wayne’s favorite celebrity clients was Jack Lemmon, who always brought his son.  He met and admired “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman” (Jane Seymour). He also guided Senator Ted Stevens (of Bridge to Nowhere fame) who always requested him, and would bring Wayne a gift of cigars and a bottle of Jack Daniels. He also led two Secretaries of the Interior.  Courtney recalled that when he was with the president, Wayne developed a very tentative and yet mutually respectful relationship with the Secret Service, due to the big shotgun he always had to carry for protection from bears.

      1998 Wayne Hansen, Tootie & Courtney

      HERNANDEZ, Cecilia – died in October of 2003.   No obituary found or family reached.

      HILL, NancyAfter repeated attempts to get more information from family, the following information was put together.
           Nancy was married for a time to Clint Deckert; they had no children.  She worked in real estate, and enjoyed water-skiing.  Her great passion, however, was raising and showing dogs.
           For a time she lived in Poway, CA, but for the last 30 years of her life, she lived in OR.  Initially she raised collies, but then moved on to raising and showing malinois (Belgian Shepherds) and finally, golden retrievers.  She enjoyed her many friendships made thru associations dedicated to those breeds.  In her later years, she had mama and papa Goldens, who presented her with 5 babies.
           Nancy suffered from COPD, and in August 2014,  died after a short illness.  She was 60 years old.  Her last “child”, Duffy was 8 years old and was quickly welcomed into the home of her dear friend Ruth, a fellow dog-lover and GR kennel club member.

      Nancy Hill 1961

      HUFSTADER, Judith – Although we have received credible information from more than one source that Judy Lynn Hufstader McCall has passed away, we were unable to find an obituary or learn of a date of death.  She was born on Feb. 1, 1944 and last lived in Bend, OR.
      Judy Hufstader 1961

      HUGEL, Sandy – died at the age of 69 in August of 2012.  No family located.
      Sandy Hugel 1961

      JACOBS, Richard, MD – 8/9/43 ~ 1/29/18 - The following was published in San Francisco Chronicle, 1/31/18:
           Rick died peacefully at home in Mill Valley after a long struggle with the devastating efforts of Progressive Supranuclear Palsy.  Born in New York City and raised in Long Beach, CA, he graduated from UC Berkeley and then Washington University Medical School in St. Louis, MO.  He completed his radiology residency at UCSF, followed by a sub-specialty in genitourinary disease.  Rick practiced at CPMC for 36 years, and developed a particular interest in mammography.  He was beloved and respected by both the staff and his patients, many of whom specifically requested his services.
           All who knew Rick were touched by his kind nature and generosity.  He lived in Marin County with Susie, his loving wife of 51 years, and raised two children there.  He was passionate about all outdoor activities, especially skiing, bike riding and running.  In addition to his love of sports, he had an amazingly curious, analytical mind and a rich intellectual life that included a passion for history and current events.  He was a member of four book groups simultaneously, and there wasn’t a movie he didn’t see or critique.  Rick and Susie loved to travel and visited over 50 countries.
           Rick is survived by his wife Susie, son David Jacobs (Julie), daughter Karen Gibson (Terel), four grandchildren, and extended family. Services were held on February 2 at Rodef Sholom Synagogue in San Rafael.  In lieu of flowers, you may honor Rick by making a donation in his memory to the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Nation Resources Defense Council, or the ACLU.
      Richard Jacobs, MD

      KENNEDY, Carolee – The following was taken from an online obituary, with additional input from family:
            Carolee Shepard passed away March 27, 2015, She leaves sister-in-law Lucy Kennedy of Utah, mother–in-law Virginia Shepard, sister-in-Law Dorothy Jones, brother and sister in law; Russell and Maryanne Shepard and a number of nieces and nephews and great nieces and nephews. Also, her close friend and manager of their business, Joe's Discount Cleaners, Fredy Dominguez and his family; “We will miss you Carolee, and we love you always.” Carolee will be laid to rest with her husband Bill Shepard at Bakersfield Veterans Cemetery in ARVIN, California.
            After posting the above obituary, Dottie Jones contacted us and offered a little more information.  Carolee was married to Dottie’s brother, Bill; they had no children.  Bill was a veteran of the Air Force, and served in Vietnam.  After his service ended, he joined the California National Army Guard and stayed with that for 20 years.   They enjoyed their dry cleaning business and were well liked and respected by their customers.  Dottie remembered that Carolee owned “possibly a thousand” cookbooks; she was a marvelous cook who hosted many BBQs and dinner parties and always supplied all the food!
            They were,  for the most part,  very quiet people who lived a simple life.  Well .... EXCEPT ...  !!  They loved to gamble (especially the slots) and over the years, would routinely hire a limo to drive them from Simi Valley for a weekend in Mesquite, NV.  They employed the same driver and would always pay his lodging and expenses; he would stay for the weekend as well, driving them in style around town and returning them safely home.
            Finally, Dottie did want to share the following information with Carolee’s classmates.  “It is  a sad story. Last June (2014) Bill had a heart attack. He never recovered and was in and out of the hospital .  He passed away in February of this year.  Carolee had not been in good health for sometime. She had a kidney transplant that failed and she was on dialysis 5  days a week to sustain her life;she was not able to care for Bill.  I traveled to Simi Valley from Buena Park 3-4 days a week to be their primary care taker. Last November, she fell in the bathroom and broke her neck -- which further complicated her health issues. She finally passed in March this year, one month after Bill.  They are both buried at Bakersfield Veterans Cemetery, as my brother was a Vietnam veteran and that was the closest open cemetery!  I miss them both terribly.”

      Carolee Kennedy 1961 

      Carolee Kennedy

      KIEREN, Blanche – passed away in Yucca Valley in November of 2015.  A sister was located and stated that Blanche was a very private person; she therefore declined to comment on her life.
      Blanche Kieren 1961

      LAMBROSE, BobThank you to his wife, Sandy (Wilson ‘63):
           Bob was a kind, gentle man that was a proud and devoted father of a son and daughter. He loved his 5 grandchildren and spent alot of time with them after he retired from the Auto Club. Bob and his wife Sandy, we're married 50 years. His passing in 2013 was unexpected and sudden.
      Bob Lambrose 1961

      Lang, Joyce –  Thank you to Carolyn Bingham Chase and Marilyn Bingham Boukather  for forwarding this information.  The published obituary was accompanied by a very loving message from Joyce’s husband, Dick:
           “It is with great sorrow as I sit here trying to compose this email to you, my dear friends.  Our Lord and Savior took my bride of 55 years to be with Him on February 21, 2017 at 5:55 PM.  Bone cancer was the cause.  This is usually a very painful type of cancer but the Lord spared Joyce as we did not discover it until February 2.  With the help of modern medicine we were able to help manage her pain.  She passed peacefully in her sleep, at home, with my son and daughter and me by her side.
           We cannot say enough about our local Hospice nurses.  They were at our beck and call and provided excellent care for Joyce, and were a wonderful support for our family.  We received a hospital bed and other supplies plus all the medicines that were needed to help keep her comfortable.  She is now with Jesus and without suffering.  Our family is coming together at this time to endure our loss and find strength and knowing she is with Him.  We appreciate all the prayers we know you have had for our family over the years.  Please continue to lift us up as we move on without her.”
          Joyce A. Chaplin, 73, of Vandalia, Illinois, passed away Tuesday, February 21, 2017, at Vandalia, IL. She was born July 24, 1943, in Long Beach, CA, the daughter of Joseph Sonny & Vera Opal (Ross) Lang. Married Richard "Dick" Olin Chaplin on December 15, 1961, Long Beach, CA. She was a retired Legal Secretary for GTE Directories, and Member of Unity Baptist Church, Vandalia, IL.
           She is survived by: Husband - Dick Chaplin, Vandalia, IL; Son - Dennis Chaplin & Laurie, Orange, CA; Daughter - Karen Storm & Steve, Brownstown, IL; Brother - Ron Newell & Betty, CA; Sisters - Betty Casjens, WA, Helen Wilhite & Milt, CA, and Shirley Hale & Mike, ID; 4 Grandchildren - Gretchen, James, Tucker and Hailey and 2 Great Grandchildren Harrison and Gwendolyn.
      Note:  In the 50th Reunion Alumni Book, Joyce summarized the highlights of her life.  “Dick and I were married six months after I graduated from high school; we’ll celebrate our 50th anniversary this December.  I worked for Los Angeles County before we had children, and then stayed home when they were young.  I worked off and on as they grew up, and enjoyed all the jobs I had – including teaching pre-school, working in our church office, and retiring from GTE/DC as a legal secretary in 1996.  That year we moved to rural Taylor, Missouri.  We love it here, and experienced our first blizzard!”
      Joyce Lang 1961

      Joyce Lang 2016
      LANIER, David Thank you to his wife, Terrie, for sharing his story:
           After high school David worked at Buffum’s Marina and attended LBCC. In 1964 he joined the Air Force. He was stationed in Thailand and was responsible for wiring bombs to go to Viet Nam. His service ended in 1968 and he began working at Raytheon.
           While home on leave in 1967, Dave met Terrie Gordon. Their grandmothers had attended the same church and thought Dave & Terrie would make a good couple. After some prompting, Dave called Terrie and the rest is history. They were married December 14, 1968. Terrie's father walked her down the aisle and then officiated at the ceremony. Unfortunately they never had children, but claimed many as their grandchildren. Dave loved kids.
           After Raytheon a friend suggested that Dave come work for him in the insurance industry. This gave him a background and later he went to work for Allstate. While working at Allstate, Dave began to volunteer with the Long Beach Police Department, East Station. This worked into a full-time position as a civilian for the police. He loved helping seniors. An article in the Press Telegram, under the heading “HELPING OTHERS”, says it all:
           “For more than nine years, David Lanier, working in a civilian capacity for the Long Beach Police Department, has been protecting seniors from becoming victims of elder abuse.Dave’s dedication to his job has prevented countess seniors from being taken advantage of by ruthless and scheming con artists.  Dave knows that the senior population is growing by leaps and bounds and many have dementia or illness and don’t have a family member living nearby. This opens them to being preyed on by unscrupulous people.  Dave’s workload is increasing, but he’s compensated by the fact  that he’s helping others.All the residents of Long Beach should be proud of people like Dave Lanier.”  Dave retired from that job after 10 years.
           He then took up gold prospecting which he really liked to do. When the economy got so bad he decided to start coin collecting. These 2 things kept him busy as his health started to decline. While on a trip to a timeshare they owned in Sedona, David was diagnosed with cancer. This was in late February of 2011. He had been complaining of tiredness and a backache for quite a while, but he thought the backache was from previous back problems, so only saw doctor for that. He passed away April 2, 2011.
           David was cheerful during his brief illness and able to visit with many friends during this time -- telling them all he had no fear of death because he knew where he was going and would be seeing his mom and dad again.
      David Lanier 1961

      David Lanier 2008

      LUNDELL, Beverly Thank you to friends and family for this tribute:
           In January of 2012, less than four months after the 50th reunion (which she enjoyed tremendously), Beverly Lundell passed away from the cancer she had held at bay for many years. Her family has been invited to contribute to this project.  Meanwhile, the following information was taken from the bio she submitted for the reunion, with added thoughts from three of her closest friends.
           Beverly’s 32-year marriage to James Lehman produced a daughter, Chelsea, and Son, Gabe.  She also was a proud grandmother of two, Maya and Malcolm.  Her occupation was listed as “Medical psychology and spiritual psychology”. In her own words, Favorite Pastimes?  “We love travel, my art work, gardening, trekking, exercise, dance, music, wonderful friends and family.
           We lived and raised our kids in the Santa Monica mountains for 20 years.  We were ready for a midlife adventure, and the South Pacific was calling.  James was recruited to New Zealand as a psychiatrist.  We have lived in Christchurch, NZ for 13 years.  With the coming of our grandchildren, we decided to live part-time in Christchurch and part time in Santa Cruz – more so now, due to the earthquakes in Christchurch.  Our son is in New Zealand.  So we will be a typical Kiwi family with children all over the continent.  We have loved our international lifestyle, and really feel like global citizens.”
           Barbara (Castle) Bradley - Beverly was a special, dear friend to me from seventh grade until her death just months after our 50th Wilson High School Reunion. Beverly was so much fun, and an interesting, dynamic gal. She continued to learn, grow and enrich herself throughout her lifetime. She is deeply missed and lovingly remembered.
           Ronni (Krancus) Gates – Bev’s first friend at the age of 3! - Beverly and I grew up together as neighbors on Bay Shore Avenue.  She went to the public schools while I was in Catholic school, however, we were play mates together for all of those growing up years prior to our both going to Wilson and becoming SFO Sorority sisters.  My memories of her would almost fill a book!  I loved "Bevie" like a sister and we stayed in touch after graduation in spite of us both going our own directions in life.  There was a memorable year that I spent my birthday with her in Christ Church, NZ when she was living there part of the year.  We also loved seeing each other, together with our other beloved "high school buddies", at Paulette's home in Avalon where we shared our lives with each other year after year.  I miss her now, but can laugh and remember all of the wonderful shared memories.  There is a stone bench in front of her family home on Bay Shore that has a remembrance plaque that I sometimes sit on and think about our times growing up together on the water.  Bevie is my oldest best friend!
           Kathleen (Hardesty) Richman -  Bev and I remained friends after high school, she going to USC and me across the city at LACUSCMC where we kept in touch with frequent visits. In 1965, we took a student flight to Europe and travelled for two months to most of the countries by Euro-rail and had a blast. Bev was always someone I looked up to, and admired for her many great attributes, including a great personality and compassion for those in need. I loved her dearly and was so saddened by her passing. She will always be remembered as a "spark plug" in life.
      Bev Lundell 1961
      Bev and daughter Chelsea 2011

      "In Light and Love...
      Remember, You are a Blessing."

      MATSON, John – This information was gathered from a published obituary in the Press Telegram, and supplemented by a personal message from good friend and classmate, Jerry Dominguez:
           John R. Matson passed away on October 28, 2011 in Bellflower, at the age of 68.  He was born December 12, 1942.  After Wilson, he had attended Long Beach City College.  He enjoyed attending the 50th reunion earlier in 2011, and listed in his bio that his favorite pastimes were watching sports, spending time with family, and listening to music.  His career included 14 years as Assistant Manager of Shore Sporting Goods, and 15 years at Galls Uniform Sales.
           He is buried at Forest Lawn in Cypress, and is survived by his daughter Kathryn, granddaughter Hannah, brother Byron (wife Judy), aunt Laura Voss, and several cousins.
           Jerry Dominguez added:  John Matson and I were friends from our Junior year at Wilson High School. John worked for many years at Shore Sporting Goods on 2nd street. We would spend time together at the Acapulco Inn. After I went in the Army and got married, I lost contact with John until many years later. We again renewed our friendship and would have breakfast together almost every week. John loved baseball and basketball. I lost a very dear friend when John passed and I think about and remember him often.  
      John Matson 1961

      John Matson 2011

      MAYS, Dennis Thank you to his wife of 47 years, Barbara Simmons Mays (Wilson Class of 1960) for sharing these memories:
           Dennis and Barbara met at Wilson and were the proverbial “high school sweethearts.”  She was just three months older which
      placed her a year ahead in school.  They married at 18, shortly after his graduation, and he entered the Army.  From Fort Ord, they were stationed in Hawaii and he was part of the “Black Ops” program in Southeast Asia, though never set foot in Vietnam.  In 1965, he was transferred to Fort Sill, OK where he finished his 8 years of military service.
           Barbara and Dennis returned to Long Beach, and made their home on Ximeno Ave in Belmont Heights, where he spent the rest of his life.  He first worked in the banking/finance industry for Seaboard Finance, then City National Bank before starting a 34-year career with the Long Beach Gas Department.  Barbara worked for many years at Hughes Aircraft before they both retired.
           Dennis was an avid USC football fan, and was a passionate amateur astronomer.... he accumulated “massive toys”, including one heavy-duty telescope 10 inches in diameter.  He was a proud member of the Orange Co Astronomical Society, and he hired Barbara (an unpaid volunteer) to accompany him on outings – meaning she “hauled his crap around while he had all the fun.”  He also took an interest in genealogy, and was known to be a well-groomed fashionista, always taking pride in his appearance.
           He also had a very playful sense of humor.  Barbara was Irish, and Dennis believed he was of English Ancestry, so teased her for many years.    Later, through his genealogy research, he learned that he, too had Irish blood and could no longer get away with sending her orange flowers on St. Patrick’s Day!  He also loved to decorate for Halloween, and would send Barbara dead flowers to mark that holiday.
           Dennis Mays was just 66 when he died of a massive heart attack on April 9, 2009.   In summary, Barbara remarked that he was a bratty little kid, who remained a kid at heart through all of their wonderful years together.

      Dennis Mays 1961

      Dennis Mays 2008

      McDONALD, Robert –  Thank you to his wife, Phyllis, for this information:
           After graduating from Wilson, Bob went to Long Beach State where he earned a degree in Economics.   He went on to enlist in the Army, and spent part of his service time in South Korea.  After completing his military service,  he moved back east to work at a publishing company.  It was there that he met Phyllis.  They were married in 1969.
           Bob loved California and missed his folks, so he and his wife decided to move back to Long Beach where he entered the banking industry  and honed his financial and business skills.  The family also grew with the arrival of a daughter and a son.   In the late 70’s the family moved to the Central Valley where Bob eventually changed careers and went to work for the State of California.
           His passions included traveling, reading and spending time with family. He was a devoted husband and father.  He enjoyed working with his hands and was quite good at keeping the home in good repair.  With his background in Economics, he loved studying the stock market, it's history and activity.  He was a deep thinker, a very analytical guy who welcomed mental challenges.  He particularly loved being retired and having the time to do all of these things.
           Bob McDonald passed away in May of 2014 in Visalia.  He did get to welcome his twin grandchildren (a boy and a girl), who were 21 months old at the time of his passing.  They still remember their granddad.
      Bob McDonald 1961

      McMAINS, Sandra  –  Sandra died in Hiawatha, IA on 7/19/2006. Efforts to reach family have so far been unsuccessful.
      Sandy McMains 1961

      MEDBERY, Larry "Casey" – Thank you to his sister, Marlene Crawford, for sharing this information:
            Larry was born in a small town in South Dakota.  His playmates nicknamed him Casey because of a “Casey Jones, Jr.” (the little engineer) tag in the back of his jeans, and the name stuck throughout his life.  Being the youngest and smallest of three siblings born in about a three-year period, he worked hard to hold his own in the physical horseplay they so enjoyed.  They moved to Long Beach and he grew up on Lee Ave, near Recreation Park.
           After Wilson High he went right to work as a machinist at McDonnell Douglas, a job he held until he was forced to retire at the age of 55.  Back then, it was not known that the chemicals used to clean the aircraft parts were poison, and  handling and breathing these solutions gradually but irreparably damaged his lungs.  In 1970, he married Delorse, and their only child, Jarad, was born in 1976.  
           In the late 70’s, Casey was told at Scripps Clinic that he would probably live just seven more years. A lot of time elapsed before he was correctly diagnosed, and he actually survived almost 40 years, but his health continued to deteriorate, forcing his retirement in the late 90s.  From that point on, he spent most of his days in a lounge chair, or moving around in an electric cart.  They relocated from Lakewood, living for a time in Lake Havasu City, then returning to California in 2008 and settling in Valencia to be near their son and two granddaughters.  The complex where they lived had nicely landscaped pathways he could navigate in his cart, and he got out as much as possible.
           During the last years of his life, his primary connection to the world was the TV set -- which went on first thing in the morning.  He stayed interested in the world, and got pleasure from Toto and Noki, his two very loyal little Pekingese dogs who stayed by his side, and his two granddaughters – Isabella and Geovanne – who thought the world of him.  They were just 9 and 7 when he passed away at the age of 69 in November of 2013,  after a period of intensive care in the hospital.
           Marlene wanted his friends to know that in spite of his very difficult medical issues, Casey was never grumpy and didn’t complain.  And, although his physical limitations were significant, he remained in control of his situation, making all medical decisions and in general, calling the shots.  His marriage to Delorse lasted 43 years.  He was loved by his family, and is missed very much. 
           His lifelong friend, Brian Gooch, added:  “I last spoke with Casey 3-4 years ago and he truly didnt have much to say -- except he was happy.  But as a friend through his school years and many years thereafter,  I can honestly say that Casey always told it like it was.. You always knew where he stood on any issue and he was always straight up with his many friends.”
      Casey Medbery 1961

      Casey Medbery mid 1970s

      MOSES, Dale  –  Thank you to his brother, Randy (class of ‘64), for sharing the following:
          Dale was very athletic at Wilson, participating in water polo, track, swimming, and the Bike Club.
           After high school,  he went into the Army, but a shoulder injury during basic training ended his military service.   He was a carpenter by trade, and also served in the Merchant Marine, where another injury on a Mobil Oil ship resulted in a disability.  Although he married twice, he was single most of his life.  His favorite pastime was, without a doubt, fishing.
           He moved to Anza, and lived a very quiet and uncomplicated life.  He died at the age of 69 in October, 2012.  In summary, Randy states that his brother was a good man who enjoyed life, and was always fun to be around.
      Dale Moses 1961
      Dale Moses 1996

      MURPHY, Paula – The following tribute includes an obituary from 2011 in the Press Telegram, and additional information provided in 2015 by her younger son, Chris:
           Paula (Murphy) Knight, long time resident of Naples, passed away peacefully in Long Beach on August 1, 2011. Paula was surrounded by her loving family. An active mother and grandmother, she enjoyed spending time with her sons, David and Christopher; and grandchildren, Kory, Nicholas, Jack and Diego. Paula's many loves included family, travel, books, music and movies. When not enjoying a good book, Paula could usually be found entertaining friends and family with stories of her extended travels and anything having to do with Hollywood. Paula was a gentle lady with a vivacious spirit and a great love of life. She will be missed by all who knew her.
           Paula died just months after the 50th reunion.  We were able to post the above obituary on the website, but it was after the Alumni Book had been published.  Now in 2015, her son Chris was pleased to be able to offer some more details of her life.
           After high school, Paula was trained in Cosmetology at the Vidal Sassoon School.  Thru the 60’s and 70’s she worked as a hairdresser, and raised her two sons (Millikan Rams!)  in the “Ranchos” near Studebaker and Spring.  She owned her own salon (“Velvet Touch”) in Belmont Shore from 1968 to 1976.
           From about 1983-1993, she moved to Hollywood where she tried her hand at writing screenplays.  For a time, she was an assistant to a top producer at Lorimar Productions, where she was involved in the making of “Dallas” and “Knots Landing” and other popular shows. She loved being in the entertainment world, and had the right appearance and personality to make it work!
           She did briefly return to her hometown of Boston from 1988-89, then returned to Long Beach, where she lived the good life in Naples.  She continued to love to travel, and was able to spend a lot of time with her sons and grandchildren.  She went to LBCC and learned Italian.  She stayed busy, happy, and involved with those around her.
           Chris shared this information of Paula’s final illness.  In approximately 2001, she started exhibiting signs of dementia.  Although it was thought to be the beginning of Alzheimers, it was instead a more rare condition called NPH (Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus – water on the brain).  This illness mimics Alzheimers and is often misdiagnosed as such.  Her sons took care of her and surrounded her with love.  Chris wanted her classmates to know that Paula was a fabulous mother and was adored by both of her sons and her grandchildren.  He said that although  this disease essentially “stole her golden years,”  she left behind a treasury of memories of a life well- lived and tremendously enjoyed.
      Paula Murphy 1961

      Paula Murphy 1991

      NASH, Kenneth – Information shared by his wife, Donna Nash of Montrose, CO:
           After graduation from High School, Ken attended LBCC.   Kenny was blessed with his 3 sons, Scott, Greg and Todd from his first marriage to Lois. 
           He began his career with Southern California Edison in 1961 and was promoted to Line Crew Foreman in 1969 – at that time, the youngest Edison Foreman.  In 1978 he quit work with SCE and moved to Steamboat Springs, Colorado where he bought a hot dog/ice cream shop at the base of the mountain, a bar in downtown Steamboat  (the longest bar in Colorado), then a restaurant at the base of the gondola building.  In 1983, Edison came calling and with the economy so bad, he decided to move back to California. 
           Ken retired from SCE in 1996 from the Law Department where he handled small claims and was the expert witness for Edison in lawsuits dealing with electrical construction.  After retirement, Ken went to work for the City of Anaheim, where he designed the electrical distribution system for the DisneyTheme Park, California Adventure. In 2008 he moved back to Colorado, first to Perry Park Country Club in Larkspur, then to Montrose, on another golf course --The Links at Cobble Creek.
           Kenny loved his family; his wife of 43 years, Donna, his 3 sons, Scott, Greg and Todd and his 8 grandchildren (along with several 4 legged “kids”.)  In Montrose, Co, he was able to do all the outdoor things he loved; fishing, duck-hunting and of course playing golf.  Ken passed away from a massive heart attack on July 30, 2014.  Besides his immediate family, he leaves behind his sisters Patty and Peggy, brothers-in-law Frank and Bill, many nieces and nephews,and so many good friends he made over the years.  He is missed by all who knew and loved him.
      Ken Nash 1961

      Ken Nash 2012

      NIQUETTE, Alan – Thank you to his wife Beth for sharing this obituary with us:
           Dr. Alan “the Drama Guy” Niquette, 71, of Independence, Oregon died October 30, 2014 peacefully in the early morning.  He was born in Riverside, California on April 17, 1943 to Ray and Margie Niquette, the third of four children.
           Alan grew up in Long Beach, first attending Wilson and then graduating from Brethren High School.  He received a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities from Biola University, La Mirada, CA in 1967.  He then received a Master of Divinity from Talbot Theological Seminary, La Mirada, CA in 1972, followed by a Doctor of Ministry from Western Conservative Baptist Seminary, Portland, OR in 1987.  Alan received his certificate of ordination from Valley Bible Church of Northridge, CA, in 1976, where he and his brother David co-pastored.  Alan went on to serve local churches for more than twenty years in full-time pastoral ministries, that emphasized expository preaching and teaching.
           In 1981, Alan met and married the love his life, Beth, May 14, 1983, and together they raised three children.  In 1990, God called Alan and Beth into full-time ministry with an emphasis on drama.  Alan used his gifts to write original dramas, these are creative Bible-centered programs which are both appealing and life changing.  Dramatic Difference Ministries, Inc. was born on October 24, 1991.  He based his ministry on the deep conviction that the Bible is the very Word of God, the final authority for all that Christians believe and do.  With this background, Alan committed his life to a Bible teaching ministry which was clear and practical -- and instructed young disciples, while enriching the lives of mature believers -- a ministry that moved all ages toward an authentic, growing relationship with God and His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.
           Alan’s infectious enthusiasm and passion for life touched the hearts of everyone he met; he was a great encourager and blessed countless lives wherever he went.  Alan was known for his sense of humor, and kept people laughing both on and off the stage.  He was everybody’s best friend.  Theater was not just his work, it was his delight.  His love for the Bible was evident in all of his stage plays, and you could hear his desire for others to know God in his voice when he performed.  Alan also loved music and would spend nights sitting around playing bluegrass music with his family on the guitar, ukulele, bass fiddle, harmonica, and gut bucket.  Cooking was one of his love languages, and he made wonderful ‘daddy tacos’, onion rings, and chip dip.  He was also an adventurer, and loved hiking, biking, canoeing, and “train chasing” with his family in the middle of the night.
           He was a great man of prayer, and prayed for everyone he loved, at any hour of the day or night.  One of the most beautiful things about Alan was his determination to say “I love you” to his family, every single day of his life, which he did without fail.
      Survivors include his wife, Beth; children Jeni, Kyndi, and Stetson; and siblings Paul, Patricia, and David Niquette, and countless more family and friends.  Beth continues with Dramatic Difference Ministries, honoring Alan's legacy.
           One of Alan’s greatest goals was to live his life in such a way, that when he finally met with his Savior face to face, he would be told, “Well done, good and faithful servant… enter into the joy of your master,” and we are confident those words have been spoken.  (Matthew 25:21)
      Alan Niquette 1961

      Alan Niquette 2014

      NISSEN, Edward –  Ed passed away in Coeur D’Alene, ID in February of 2011.  Attempts to reach family were not successful.
      Ed Nissen 1961

      PARKER, Maxim – We have recently learned that Marine Lt. Maxim Parker, 24,  died on 3/18/67 in Quang Tri, Vietnam.  He is buried at Fort Rosecrans in San Diego.   Messages left for family members brought no response. 
      Maxim Parker 1961

      PEARSON, Sharon "Jane" – Sharon Pearson Schindler died in Riverside, CA 8/21/85.  Her husband Richard died two days later on 8/23.  Unable to locate family. 
      Jane Pearson 1961

      POCH, Risé –The following was taken from an obituary until family can be contacted: 
           RISE CARROLL POCH DITTMAR ”RISA” – Age 69, of Honolulu passed away at her home December 17th, 2012 , after a hard fought battle with cancer. Born in Baltimore, Maryland on October 9th, 1943. She and her parents, Virgil & Capitola Poch, settled to Long Beach, California in 1948. A graduate of USC, 1965, BA in Psychology, member of the Gamma Phi sorority. She moved to Honolulu in 1967, and worked as a Vice President Media Buyer for some of the major advertising agencies in the islands. Risa was active in organizations such as Honolulu Advertising Federation Board of Directors, Art Academy of Honolulu and Honolulu Symphony Guild. Most notable and dear to her heart was her involvement with Friends of Hawaii Kai Public Library. A beautiful person, inside and out. She will be remembered for her unconditional love, generosity, integrity, perseverance, and sincerity. She will truly be missed. She is survived by brother-in-law and sister-in-law, Gary & Mason Dittmar of Gardnerville NV, cousin Lorelie Edwards of Geneva NE, and son and best friend Chris.
      Risé Poch 1961

      Risé Poch 

      RENNICK, Karen – The following loving tribute was shared by Karen’s husband  (and best friend for 33 years), David Mahoney:
           Karen was born in Los Angeles, along with her twin brother Steven – to parents anticipating a single birth.  Surprise!
           After graduation from Wilson, she attended Long Beach City College and met her first husband.    A second marriage a few years later lasted 12 years, and brought two children – Derek and Shana.  In 1981, through her kids’ sporting activities, she met David on the playing fields of Orange County, where he was a referee with the OC Soccer Referee Assn.  In her role as soccer mom, she and this referee rarely saw eye-to-eye.  Be that as it was, they managed to join together and in the summer of 1984, they were married.  Their blended family included her two children, and his sons Danny and Donny.
           They lived in Garden Grove until 1987, when they moved to East Highland in San Bernardino County.  Karen enjoyed a very successful career as a senior level administrative assistant.  Her favorite and most long-term job was as Executive Assistant to the General Manager of the Holiday Inn near Disneyland (that property was the flagship hotel of the Holiday Inn Resort system.) She held that job from 2001 to 2010, and just before she and David moved to his home state of Texas, her former boss took him to lunch to remind him just what a huge void she would be leaving behind.   David’s working life was very successful as well, and his talent was fundraising.  At the time they moved to Texas, he noted that “she was retired, and I was expired.”
           As their children grew up, both parents faithfully supported their children’s sports.  Her favorite remained soccer.  When her son Derek earned a football scholarship at Fresno State as a kicker/punter, they attended every single home game. Karen and David have a total of eight grandchildren – 6 boys and 2 girls. 
           Karen was an outstanding cook, but she actually hated cooking.  Her passion, other than family and a commitment to her jobs, was to “be there” for the women in their church who were experiencing problems.  Although she was born in the Jewish faith, she converted to Christianity in her late 20s, and she absolutely “walked the walk” for the rest of her life.
           In May of 2014 she was diagnosed with a metastatic melanoma that had spread everywhere before it was discovered.  She fought it with chemo and radiation, but sadly, nothing more could be done. Karen Rennick Mahoney died on October 1, 2014.  As had been her wish, she was at home, with David, and at the end she saw the angels who were waiting to take her home.
      Karen Rennick 1961

      Karen Rennick 1985  

      ROBERTS, Judith – Her daughter Tamara Miller was pleased to be able to share the following information:
           In 1962, Judy Roberts married Glenn Page, a Navy man she met at the Salvation Army Church in Long Beach..  Three children were welcomed into the family – Susan (1963), Tamara (1965) and Eddie (1967.)  Judy was a loving, stay-at-home mom while her children were little.
           In 1968, Glenn’s military service ended and his work took them to Washington State, and they lived in Rose Valley, Castle Rock, and finally settled in Longview -- where she remained for the rest of her life.  In the mid-70’s, when her children had reached middle school age, she went to work as a housekeeper in a nursing home – a setting that requires kindness, sensitivity and compassion.  She also loved working with children, and taught Sunday School for years.  In addition, she volunteered for about 10 years at her granddaughter’s school, as long as her health allowed her to do so.  She also had a lifelong love of the beach, and would gladly travel an hour to see the ocean.   She had a total of 5 grandchildren, and 3 great-grandchildren (2 of whom she got to know.)
           In the summer of 2012, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, which eventually metastasized to her brain..  She also had battled fibromyalgia and other problems,  but cheerfully stated that if she was not healed “here”, she could look forward to being issued a brand new, healthy body in heaven.  She passed away on September 27, 2012, just one month after she and Glenn celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.
           Tamara wanted Judy’s friends to know that God was #1 in her life, all her life, and she is resting peacefully in His presence.

      Judy Roberts 1961

      Judy Roberts (approx 2010)

      ROBISON, John –  The following obituary was found online.  Efforts are being made to contact family and invite them to add their own comments:
           John "Robbie" S. Robison, 68, entered into rest on Monday, April 30, 2012 in Bonaire, Georgia. Robbie was born on May 30, 1943 in New London, Connecticut. He was of the Catholic faith. With honor and commitment MSgt Robison proudly served his country in the United States Air Force, serving during the Vietnam era. After his military retirement he began working with Honeywell Electronics in San Antonio, Texas. In 2001, he transferred to Warner Robins, Georgia and continued working with Honeywell Electronics where he specialized in F-15 aircraft maintenance. His son, Keith Amores Robison, and parents, Clifford Ellsworth Robison and Jeannette Blanche Robison, all preceded him in death. His memory will forever be treasured by his loving wife, Inday Robison, Bonaire; children, John S. Robison, II and Brenda E. Ohlemacher (Darren), all of San Antonio, Texas; grandchildren, Courtney J., Amy L., Elizabeth A., Caroline A., Michael J., and Madeline M. Ohlemacher; siblings, James Robison, Janet Reinhart, and Clifford Robison, II.
      John Robison 1961

      John Robison

      ROGERS, Darlene – The following obituary was published online in the Hi Desert Star. We will invite the family to add personal comments:
           Darlene Faith Webber was born in Daly City on Feb. 23, 1943. She was the wife of Bill Webber for 47 years. During that time she worked for Hollywood Video, APL and most recently with Calvary Baptist Church School. Darlene was very active at Calvary Baptist Church in Yucca Valley, especially in the hospitality ministry. She put her faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as a child and openly demonstrated her gratitude for what the Lord had done for her.
           She passed into His presence on March 12, 2011, and is survived by her husband, two sons (Greg and Tim) and three grandchildren.  
      Darlene Rogers 1961

      Darlene Rogers

      ROOS, Sharron –  Virgil Dean, Sharron’s husband of 54 years, lovingly gave me this story:
           In her junior year at Wilson, Sharron met Virgil (from Poly High, GASP!), who worked directly across the street at Ralph’s Market on 10th and Cherry. She had three sisters and one brother.  Her younger sister wanted to date Virgil’s buddy, and Mom wouldn’t allow that without the supervision of an older sister – thus a double date was arranged.  It worked out well, and Sharron married Virgil just three days after graduation.
           They made their home in Long Beach for a time, where son Mike was born.  They moved to Denver to help Sharron’s parents when her mother was ill, and had their second son, Tom.  Eventually they returned to Long Beach, where daughter Bonnie was born in 1970.  She continued to be a stay-at-home mom, although after Bonnie graduated, Sharron worked part time.
           In 1974, they moved to Virgil’s home state of Oregon and settled in Hillsboro, a suburb of Portland.  This small town setting was a welcome change from the big cities of Colorado and California, and they remained there to this day.
           Sharron’s passion was cooking, and her talents were enjoyed by all.  She opened their home to all, and many people stayed or lived with the Dean’s through the years.  Virgil coached his children in baseball and basketball; she was a loyal spectator.  She had a total of 10 grandchildren, and had a very special relationship with each and every one!  She also loved going to the coast whenever possible, and like so many who grew up in Long Beach, found peace reconnecting with the ocean.
           For about 15 years, Sharron dealt with COPD, and around 2010 she suffered some heart  complications as well … but continued to do all the things she enjoyed, and making life a joy for those around her.  She and Virgil celebrated their 54th anniversary on June 24 of this year, and had planned a trip to the coast on Tuesday the 30th.  Sadly, she became ill on Sunday and went to the hospital. Sharron Jean Dean passed away on June 28th, Bonnie’s birthday.
           Virgil emphasized that Sharron touched many lives, and will be missed every day. Their apartment, which had seemed just the right size for the two of them, now seems twice as big.
      Sharron Roos 1961

      Sharron Roos 1998
      ROSS, Anthony – died 10/22/98.  A letter has been sent to family requesting more information. 
      Tony Ross 1961

      SCHWEICK, Larry –  This information was supplied by Larry’s ex-wife and good friend, Vivian Ross and son, Jed:
           Larry was born in Minnesota.  He had twin sisters 10 years older.  When he was just 11, his mom died of cancer, and he was sent to Long Beach to live with an aunt and uncle.
           Shortly after his graduation from Wilson, he moved to Camas, WA and went to work in a paper mill.  Through friends he met Vivian and they married in 1962. Their son, Jed, was born on the 4th of July, 1963.  Although they divorced in 1966, they remained very good friends throughout his life.  She remarried (Skip Ross) ; Skip and Larry became good friends as well.  Skip died at the early age of 37.  Larry continued to spend as much time with the family as he could, though he moved to other states.  He never remarried.  At one time he lived in Oswego, NY while Vivian lived in Lake Oswego, OR.
           Larry’s occupation was electrical installations for large businesses – a successful career that book him all over the country.  For a time, Jed lived with Larry in Indiana, Michigan, and finally, South Carolina.  They also had a boat rental business on a lake in SC, and enjoyed boating and fishing.  His other hobbies were shooting – loved guns - and racquetball.
           In 1989, while working a job in California, he took a few days to visit Jed in Oregon, and planned to drive back to South Carolina. They visited at home, and made a plan for Larry to come back on Father’s Day to Vivian’s, where they would barbecue.  He told her she wouldn’t have to lift a finger; the guys would do all the work.  He was on his way there, when he was in a devastating accident near Tigard, less than a mile from her home.  A semi- struck his pickup from behind under a freeway overpass. He was cut from the wreckage and Life-Flighted to OHSU, where his prognosis was initially hopeful.  Sadly, he died in his sleep four days later on June 24.  He is buried at Skyline Memorial Park in Beaverton, on a hill – near the resting place of Vivian’s second husband, Skip.
      Larry Schweick 1961

      Larry Schweick 1970

      STAATS, Forest 
           Public records show that Forest Staats passed away at the age of 66 in 2008.  No family or obituary located.
      Forest Staats 1961

      STOOPS, James  
           James “Jim” Stoops was born in Long Beach on September 6, 1942 to  Paul and LaVerne Stoops.  He was an Eagle Scout.
           In December of 1963 he married his high school sweetheart and ‘61 classmate, Kathleen Groesbeck.  They remained in the area and raised two sons, Matthew and Kurt.  After serving in the Marine Corps from 1966-68, he was a service planner for SCE from 1968 to 1996. 
           He and Kathy were able to attend the 50th reunion in 1961.  His bio in the Alumni book stated his favorite things were gardening, camping, golfing “when I can” and trips to Laughlin. 
           Jim died on January 24, 2014.  He was survived by Kathy, his sons, a sister, a brother and two grandchildren.
           “Day is done, gone the sun from the sky.  All is well, safely rest.  God is nigh.  Thanks and praise for our days ‘neath the sun, ‘neath the stars, ‘neath the sky.  As we go, this we know:  God is nigh.”

      Jim Stoops 1961

      Jim Stoops approx. 2001

      SUTLIFF, Sharon –   Thank you to her cousin, Gary Still, for offering this information.: 
           Sharon – known as “Sheri” in high school, was a bright and very lively girl, and  studied psychology at Cal State Long Beach.  She married young, and her daughter Alice was born in late 1963 before they moved to the Pomona area. No stranger to hard work, Sheri worked at various jobs to put her first husband through Cal Poly.  The family at that time was living in a small travel trailer.
           Right around 1970, after the marriage had ended in divorce, she packed up her daughter and moved to New York City  -- yes,  Manhattan !  -- where she spent the next 25 years. She enrolled Alice in private schools, while she held a number of very responsible jobs in executive capacities and gained a wealth of experience in business administration. She then put her lifelong talent for cooking into practice, and became a very successful restaurant owner.  Her gift for story-telling, combined with her sincere interest in others and her sense of humor, made for some very interesting “Big Apple” tales in later years.
           Gary recalls one example.  A man Sharon was seeing invited her as his date to have dinner at the home of a person he thought she would enjoy meeting.  He did not supply the name of their host.  She was therefore surprised – make that speechless – when they arrived at a very modest little house and were met at the front door by Norman Rockwell and his wife.
           In the mid-90’s, Sharon returned to Bakersfield, CA where her only sibling (Barbara) and a number of other relatives lived. She married again, and was eventually widowed.  She owned and ran Grumpy’s, a very popular family diner in Oildale, known for their wonderful ‘down-home cooking.’  For several years she opened her restaurant on holidays, providing free meals to the homeless in the area.  She was well-loved by her customers, not only for her cooking skills but for her generous and loving nature.  About 10 years later she sold the restaurant and retired.  In her later years she spent countless hours gardening, canning fruits and veggies, and producing wonderful treats for others (always preparing enough for an army.)  She was a good neighbor and a loyal friend.
           After facing several health issues including congestive heart failure, Sharon Sutliff McQuilliams passed away suddenly on November 12, 2015 at her home in Bakersfield.  She was survived by her daughter, her sister, her extended family, her somewhat ornery cat and FOUR dogs.  Before her memorial service, word went out that there were some four-legged fur kids now needing new humans, and they all found homes.  Sharon’s family will always remember her talents, her gracious generosity, and her slightly quirky sense of humor.  She is missed every day, and  Gary was pleased to be able to pay tribute to her.

      Sheri Sutliff 1961

      Sharon & husband around 2003

      THORNE, Susan  – When we tried to send an invitation to Susan, the lady now living at her last address responded with information that she passed away in 1999; this was verified on public records.  Her parents and brother pre-deceased her and no other family or obituary could be found.
      Susan Thorne 1961

      WEBER, Ronald –  We are grateful for the information shared by Ron’s younger brother, Cal, with added comments from long-time friend Carl Peterson of Kansas City:
           After being a very successful athlete at  Wilson High School, receiving the MVP award for both football and basketball in his senior year, Ron went on to attend Long Beach City College for a brief time.  It was apparent, however, that academia was not his true calling.  He joined the Marine Corps and served his county for 3 years.  Thereafter, he joined the family business, Weber Machine, which had been founded by his father, and continued in the family tradition for a number of years.
           Again realizing his interests lay in other directions, he took diverse paths in seeking a career that suited him.  These endeavors ranged from working in the oil fields on rigs in the Long Beach area, to commercial fishing for albacore out of San Diego, and also bartending at local Long Beach lounges for a brief time.  His true love was fishing, but he always enjoyed playing golf, bowling, and was an absolute MASTER at foosball!!
           He discovered his true niche when he moved to Reno, NV, and became a craps dealer in 1976.  He worked for the fabulous MGM Casino, which at that time, was the biggest casino in the US.  He stayed with the MGM through many different owners over the years, e.g., Bally’s, the Reno Hilton, the Flamingo, and finally, the now current owner, The Sierra Grand Resort, from which he retired after 25 years in 2007.
           Ron passed away in Reno, NV on February 10, 2016.  His illness was brief, and he did not suffer in his passing.  He touched numerous lives and was a GREAT FRIEND to many people.  He will be missed by all of us.  May he rest in peace in The Great Hereafter.
      Friend, classmate and teammate Carl Peterson shared the following thoughts:
           Myself and my fellow classmates, and teammates, were very sad to hear of Ron's passing.  We had hoped to see him at the 55th reunion this spring. As all of us know, Ron was an exceptional athlete and played on Wilson teams of football, basketball and baseball.  Bill Hayter, Bob Bailey, Steve Sunderman, Pat Brown and I all spent many hours competing with Ron.
           We appreciated his service in the US Marine Corps, shortly after his graduation from Wilson (from November '61 until late '64 - three years, four months, and ended up in Okinawa.We were all aware that Ron was a very accomplished card player, and were not surprised to hear he had moved to Reno to deal cards and craps, for many years at the MGM Resort. In his private life, he always "played his cards close to the vest" and stayed  pretty much to himself.  He was able to attend the 50th reunion, and also did take the time and effort to come back to Long Beach in 2012  for Skip Rowland's memorial. 
           I  personally traveled down Highway 101 many times with Ron and his older brother Rick, to go surfing in Huntington Beach.  We spent a number of enjoyable summers together, and I will miss him.
      Ron Weber 1961

      Ron Weber 2011

      WOOLDRIDGE, Dan –  The following obituary was published in the Orange County Register in October of 2015:
           Dan Wooldridge was a man with passions, including the Angels and politics.  Wooldridge, who co-founded the Orange City News in 1969 to fill the void of a longtime Orange daily newspaper that had died, and was active in county politics for years, died on Oct. 4 of lung cancer. He was 71.
           In 1968, Wooldridge graduated from Santa Ana College with a degree in history and politics. He then graduated from Chapman University, where he worked on the student newspaper. It was during his time at Chapman that Wooldridge met his wife, Chancy, who was a friend of a university instructor. They married in 1977.  Wooldridge co-founded and wrote for the Orange City News for a few years before starting in politics. “He was passionate about all politics,” Chancy Wooldridge said. “He was a bit on the quiet side, but he liked to chat and had a great mind for understanding the political landscape. “What I’m most proud of is he ran a lot of campaigns for women, who were just starting to run for office back then.”
           Wooldridge ran more than 20 elections for female candidates, was an aid to county Supervisors Ralph Clark and Don Roth, and served in several appointed positions, including president of the State Architectural Licensing Board.  He retired in 2005. He kept following politics, in addition to spending time with family and attending Angel games.
           In late September, Wooldridge, who had already been sick for two years, was diagnosed with stage-four lung cancer. He died 11 days later. As a long Angels fan, her husband was happy when the team won its Oct. 3 game, 11-10, a day before he died. Wooldridge is survived by his wife, Chancy, daughter, Lindsay, sons Travis Wooldridge and David Peterson, a sister Darlene and extended family.

      Dan Wooldridge 1961
      Dan Wooldridge